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Manhattan Beach/On the Waterfront in Brooklyn


· Massive amount of research into neighborhoods, syndicates, diving and maritime subjects, the era, opptys open to women

· Characters are appealing

· Kerrigan and Styles are too similar. Confusing to keep them separated. Kerrigan is becoming like Styles until he is “killed.” Both have daughters and are killers presumably. Kerrigan turning into Styles

· Murky: why Kerrigan is almost murdered by Styles and why Styles is murdered

· Renewal courtesy of the sea; rebirth

· Ending unsatisfying! Would have liked to see a reconciliation between Anna and Eddie, and maybe even Eddie and Agnes; an explanation by him of all that had transpired

· Anna has a slight father fixation

· What happens to tammy. Left in lurch.

· Too many characters with made up names; impossible to follow at times. Could have used a chart. Q? Berringer?


Sometimes crime is the only thing that does pay?

Killers are not necessarily monsters but instead family men trying to support their families?

Favorite part: shipwreck


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