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Brilliantly done book on the toll of the "occupation" for both sides of the conflict.

McCann seems more sympathetic to Bassam who defies all stereotypes of Palestinians by being self taught, well travelled, a leader and thinker. I imagine Israeli and other Diaspora Jews do not appreciate what they will see as bias. Lacking was any mention of the rockets constantly raining down on Israel.

My point of view: It's never worked, having an underclass. They always rebel (rightly so). I can't imagine any way of resolving the conflict. Both sides must want a solution.

Reading this book, I teared up on every page.

I loved the way he connected to so many other things: migrating birds, history, illustrate the many sides of this equation.

This book deserves major literary awards. McCann is an incredible innovative writer.

Let me recommend Second Person Singular by Sayed Kashua, a well-known Arab TV personality. Great novel of Arab who passes as Israeli.


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