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Juliet, Naked

Cutesy. Good acting. Ending felt kinda tacked on and arbitrary. Not a big Ethan Hawke fan, but he was good in this. What's with that title? Huh?

I Feel Pretty. The message, rarely articulated or not often enough, is that a buoyant personality coupled with a deep well of self confidence and guts will combine to make a woman more appealing than a half-starved model with nary a thought in her head. Amy Schumer gets a knock on her head and wakes up thinking she's one of the most beautiful women around. Her whole modus operandi changes - she moves from a basement office to a swanky front desk at a cosmetics company and gives her personality, her creative ideas, her chutzpah free rein. Of course we're waiting for the 2nd knock on the head and we finally get it. I can't say the rest of the movie was as stunning as the beginning, but it's all very watchable and Amy is a a riot as she competes in a bikini contest. I'm a fan.

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