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Sorry to Bother You – didn’t quite do it for me. Interesting insights into the dreadful lives of customer service/sales people which made me swear to try not to hang up on the next one before he or she delivers her pitch. But movie descends into strange doubtlessly symbolic sci-fi scenario that just gets us nowhere. I loved the bit about “use your white voice” and the general insights into race. I think this is a director to watch and the lead actor was superb.

Eighth Grade – hated it. Ode to the Inarticulate. Idiocracy Enshrined.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – you gotta be kidding me. This should have been a half-four documentary on this amazing individual (Mr. Rogers).

Three Identical Strangers – interesting, amateurish, repetitive, shocking. We can’t trust science to be ethical, caring, watching out for our best interests.

Leave No Trace – the best of the lot. Wonderful performances

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