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Movie Time!

Three movies to review. First, Book Club. Oy vey. Terrible. It's fun to see the aging faces of some of our favorite actresses, but that's not enough to sustain a whole movie. I can save you the price of admission by reporting on them. Jane Fonda does not look like herself, but she's super thin and sexy. Her mouth must have hung out near too much botox because it does not move. At all. Diane Keaton looks great and is still wearing the adorable kookie clothing she's known for. Mary Steenburgen, admittedly a bit younger than the others, looks the best. Finally Candace Bergen looks her age, is comfortably chubby, and has a few good lines in the film. Aside from looks, what is their to discuss? Oh - Andy Garcia is a heart throb; Craig T. Nelson and Richard Dreyfuss look comfortably aged. Don Johnson is ok, I guess.

Don't look for plot. The women have all read Fifty Shades of Grey and throw around the books and the titles with abandon. What a great advertisement for the book! I should get so lucky. Anyone who hasn't read it will be sorely tempted to buy it now. I will resist.

Today we saw a horror movie, Hereditary. One of those movies where you're waiting for hours for an explanation and it never comes. Saving grace: acting of Toni Colette - she's amazing. She gets to show the full range of her ability here. Gabriel Byrne is horribly wasted in this film. I wondered why they bothered including him when he doesn't have much of a role and is given nothing to do except ignore the horrific happenings at his house.

My husband and I happen to like scifi and some non-gory horror. I kept comparing this to Get Out which was so much better in every way. So much buildup but ending seemed silly and just what was the purpose to the goings-on? I could have/anyone could have written a better story with the premise we were given.

Finally, I, Daniel Blake, an Irish film we saw on TV. Heartbreaking, wonderfully acted. You think our healthcare and social services systems are broken? Ha! Catch this one if you can.

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