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Is This the Big Time?

My story about meeting my second husband, Shelly, and remarrying at age 50, "Desperately Seeking Soul Mate," has just been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Miracle of Love edition.

I do have a few copies I can sell to you directly and I'm always happy to autograph a copy . Here's a sample:

I had recently turned forty-eight and seriously contemplated placing a personal ad in New York Magazine: "Fat, Forty, With Fibroids." I needed a little humor to keep me going. For the past sixteen years I'd raised my son on my own, with summers off when my ex flew him cross country. I'd had almost no dates the last six years. Men tended to drift away on the dance floor once I mentioned I was a single parent. I pretty much despaired of meeting a man, let alone a soul mate.

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