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Notorious RBG?

I went into this movie with zero expectations, knowing very little about Ruth Bader Ginsburg other than that she was a liberal-leaning supreme court justice. If there had been another movie playing at the same time, I would have opted for it. How little we know!

This movie is beautifully filmed, giving insight into RBG's glorious career and the gains she has made for women and minorities in this country. Far from being a dry documentary, the directors ensure that we get a good picture of her home life, her ultra-serious personality, her workaholism, her incredible ambition and determination to do what's right.

What's most striking is her physical frailty at 84 years of age and her determination to remain viable and vital as long as possible. I particularly loved the scenes of her working at with a gym coach - at a much more advanced age than me, she complains a lot less than I do! It looked to me like she could out press me and those situps and planks were scary. But she doesn't break; she keeps on ticking.

Also I had no idea she has become such a beacon for the younger generations of women. How wonderful! It's hard to find a role model, especially for women, and here is one just revving up. What a life she's had: a love match of a marriage, children and grandchildren, a demanding and important career. She never lets her short stature, her religion (Jewish), her soft voice and timid nature stand in the way of accomplishing great things and speaking truth to power.

I'm a fan and my husband's online now ordering Notorious RBG sweatshirts for us.

Finally, I couldn't help wondering what my life would have been like had I been encouraged to go to law school. Not that I 'm complaining about the career I had, but still . . .

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