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Five stars

By David Z on April 19, 2018

This is a wild and wacky book all right, and it’s a blast. From the moment we meet Melie, she’s mired in HR insanity and an existential crisis of romantic desperation: “Men seem to want something she just couldn’t give. They drifted in and out, leaving more rusted wreckage in her dump of a heart.”

Matching the story perfectly is Garber’s writing style, which is the linguistic equivalent of a New York City attitude. The sentences come at you as brisk, overlapping waves, hurling you across the story. The book is filled with vibrant characters, and why not? We’ve all worked with these people. And I must say, they are much more fun as someone else’s problem.

My favorite character was Ted, possibly the least likely romantic lead in modern literature. I shall say no more, just read it for yourself. And not to get into plot points, but I did feel it appropriate that Melie would finally make some healthy choices only as she reached the pinnacle of her meltdown. Yep, been there. A wonderful, entertaining read.

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