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Take Me Out to the Movies

Don't miss out on the Oscar Shorts currently playing at Jacob Burns Film Center. Five films that are each very gripping. It will be hard for you to decide which is your favorite, believe me. I have a soft spot for the Silent Child about a little deaf child whose needs are completely ignored by her family for reasons that have nothing to do with her. The acting is superb: the soulful look on the child's face as all communication between her and the rest of the world is severed; the earnest efforts and love of the therapist who wants to bring the child into the real world by teaching her sign language; and finally the awful mother who is more concerned with embarrassment than the welfare of her child.

There's not a bad apple in the bunch. The first, DeKalb Elementary will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Torn from the headlines, the suspense is almost unbearable.

My Nephew Emmett tells the story of 14 year old Emmett Till so brutally murdered in the 50's and the inability of his great uncle to intervene to save his life.

Eleven O'Clock is simply a hoot and a great respite from these weightier themes.

All of Us depicts Muslims and Christians on a bus ride to hell. We're forced to imagine what it's like not to feel safe in your own country.

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