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I love the movies, don't you?

One thing that makes me truly angry is a book or movie or play that doesn't bother to make sense. Case in point the horror movie I watched last night on cable with Michelle Williams and Oliver Platt and other good actors: Shut In. Michelle cares for her paralyzed teen stepson for months following a car accident in which her husband was killed. Naturally the kid is faking all along just to be cared for by her.

What drove me crazy:

- He jumps up from bed, runs around swinging an axe, and axes several people without breaking a sweat. Now we all know that people who have been laid up for a few weeks or more have to get physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

- Michelle's a child psychologist. Need I say more? She can't recognize that her stepson is a raving maniac and psychopathic killer?

- In a blizzard she's walking barefoot in the snow, no hat or gloves, no respiration. How about some reality?

- The ending is super lame. After taking out the stepson, who has effortlessly killed her supervisor and a potential boyfriend, she doesn't hesitate to adopt another little boy. Boy, guess that lesson wasn't earned!

As a writer I take it badly because I know any writing group worth its salt wouldn't let a member get away with such sloppy writing. I think of stories I've yet to publish and my friends may have trouble placing too. The main character may need clearer motivation or the plot doesn't deliver or the writing is lackluster. We can't pass muster with our own colleagues - often for good reason - so how does Hollywood continue to put out such tripe? We're striving to become more skilled at our craft and this is just plain demoralizing!

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