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STORIES - CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! Need more books and movies now!

Several years ago I spent six months reviewing movies for an online magazine, one of the best gigs of my life in terms of having fun. I dragged my husband, Shelly, a major film buff, into the enterprise: we'd discuss the film; I'd write it up. Sadly the site went belly up after six months. I entered one review into a Stage and Cinema contest where it won third place, but have never unearthed a site that is willing to treat its reviewers like adults who have bills to pay.

So it occurs to me that I can use my blog to comment on film as well as books. Why not? We all love a good story. I personally am insatiable in my appetite for stories. I believe craving stories is probably hard hired into all humans. We use them to try and make sense of our experiences and ferret out the meaning of our lives and loves.

Right now: See The Big Sick. Then see it again. It is the most genuinely funny movie I have seen. Ever? You don't have to force out a laugh because you're pretty much laughing all throughout the movie. The star is one funny guy, the script and dialog he's written are terrific. I can't wait to see it again.

Get Out: what a picture! Serious commentary on racial tensions, misconceptions, posturing while also titillating the viewer as a Horror flick. Great acting. Nothing to criticize except perhaps the ending. The second time I watched it at home and was able to view the Bonus section which provided an alternate ending to the movie. In truth, I don't like either ending, but prefer the first if I must make a choice. We want to see this guy come out a winner and the only way that can happen is if we stop thinking too hard about the repercussions. I'm willing to do that!

Maudie: Sally Hawkins is a favorite of mine and she makes this role her own. Charming story of disabled woman refusing to take second place in life, fighting for a life of her own, and triumphing as a Granny Moses-type artist. Very uplifting and funny too.

Certain Women: You have to be kidding me. Just plain awful IMHO. I wanted to smack that little pretentious Mia-Farrowish teen right in the kisser just to get her to shut up.

Lobster: Is this still showing somewhere? I LOVED - satire of course - with touches of sci-fi, theatre of the absurd, horror. Be forewarned though. My friends have pretty much not shared my opinion.

That's it for now. Shelly wants to see Dunkirk and I keep saying, "But we know how it turns out." I may have to give in though I've seen several of "his" movies recently: Planet of the Apes, Tarzan, etc.

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