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New Orleans

Our first visit in about 20 years. Wish we had had more time to explore. I was in the SHRM conference most of the time, but Shelly managed to get to the WWII museum which he just lvoed. One night we ventured out to Frenchmen Street, three streetcars away from Upper Garden District where we stayed. We ate at the Three Muses, which had been recommended. What fun: I love tapas and the shrimp were incredible. Nice band but actually the band in the restaurant down the street (where we drank beer until a spot opened up in Three Muses) was even better. I love to explore so I wish we had more evenings to sample all the restaurants and all the music. We saw the French Quarter in the rain, but had a nice meal there. Did not get to go into the cute little shops at all (boo-hoo!)

We stayed at Maison Perrier, lovely, but as I've said, it was a bit far. We took the St. Charles street car and used Uber for return trips most of the time.

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