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One Year Ago

to see it snapped up by bookstores, libraries, readers of all stripes. Some like my style; some

hate it. I say, "Janet, get used to it!" Every day I try to learn more about marketing and social

media, but it's a steep learning curve for this amateur and aging Baby Boomer. Thanks to all of

you for supporting me on this journey. I'm working now on a second novel - Inside the Walls

of La Roquette - set in the 11th arrondissement of Paris in the 1970's (now glamorous and

trendy; then, working class/authentic) and the fireworks resulting when two strong-minded

twenty-somethings, one French, one American, fall in love and marry.

Again, I'm dealing with my terrible habit of writing sections out of order, having multiple versions

scenes, and pulling my hair out trying to organize the mess into a readable whole. If I live long

enough, I hope to discover a better way of doing things.

Thank again! Onward!

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