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Why Do We Write? The Truth

Writer’s motivation: Ego. Undeniable. Crying out, know me, know me. See what I have suffered, see how I have loved, see what I can do, see me. Get me.

We don’t want our cries to go unheard. We hunger for your touch on the clean black and white polka-dotted page of our latest creation. Getting to know our characters, beauty marks and scars, you get to know us. We awaken your alter selves; they can come out and play with ours.

We have a need to share, a raging fire inside us. Don’t believe those who say they are satisfied with tucking the manuscript into a bottom drawer. That will smother their people or at least put them into a deep winter’s sleep.

Writers are not killers like that. Don’t you believe it. Even if you write in your diary or on your desk calendar or on the edges of your daily newspaper, you know what I say is true. You might be the reader and writer both, struggling to reconcile warring factions within.

So pay it forward. Read today. You’ll meet a lot of interesting people and wonder, Why do they do what they do? You might even begin to understand yourself.


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