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Here's an expanded version of one of the sillier moments in the book. Melie (HR Manager) sings t

Pop Goes the Kidney?

The surgeon’s in the operating room,

His secy’s on the phone to Cuba,

The charts are a mess so he takes out a kidney

Instead of the fallopian tub-a!

She’s been with him for 21 years

And shown up for almost 5,

(He pays her out of petty cash)

And some of his patients are still alive!

This time tho’ he’s raving mad

That poor Mom’s on dialysis

“Why did I give her commendables?

That night, it was only one kiss.”

I just don’t care - she’s got to go,

I want her gone by tomorrow

Her sexy long legs and long blond hair

Have caused me too much sorrow.

The doc goes down to HR,

He gives them a talking-to,

“I want her out and that is that,

Just tell me what to do.”

Mel’s at her post and comatose,

It’s been a day and a half,

When doc starts to talk about kidneys and such,

All she can do is laugh.

Let me say a word about MC*

Why beat around the bush?

It’s part madness and pure lunacy,

Some days you just pinch yourself in the tush!

The doc by Mel was put on track

He thanked her so profusely,

Patting her cheek and eying her chest,

And planning to treat her loosely.

“Your ass, I’ll haul in court, you dud,

If you so much as touch me

If you wanna be able to use that degree,

You better say you’re sorry!”

The doc broke down and cried a lot,

He was feeling sad for his mommy,

He told Melie his whole story,

Who knew he’d been a commie?!

So she went with him to kidney ward

Checking on his mommy’s state,

The lady was cold and oh so mean,

Yelling: “Is she what you’d call a date?”

Mel walked back to her office space,

Not in the mood for forgiving,

The doc’s pretty cute or else she might

Not have let him go on living!

But in healthcare, one thing you learn

Never ruffle the water

If you rat on a doc, the outcome is clear

You’ll be turned into a martyr!

So the doc went back to the operating room,

His secy went to Cuba,

Mom’s feeling fine/Mel’s got a new beau,

And everything is just sup-a!

*medical center

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