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Not artistically gifted

So I've just spent a few hours messing with this site instead of working on polishing the writing in my novella, which is about to go into its second draft or two hundredth, depending on how one calculates.

The problem with writing is all the other stuff takes so much time (website, media presence, social media sites that instantly tumble to face you, then pint to a rest). And it's these other activities that often appear much more attractive and more worthy of the writer's time than actual writing.

I for one would probably be content to ready and send out my stories and poems to untold numbers of sites seeking submissions, entering all my efforts onto my submission spreadsheet, logging the acceptances that sneak in the midst of all the rejections.

The writer must also find the time to actually read (split infinitive, I know) works by other authors so she can understand what is good and what is not. Then it might be an idea worthy of attention to attend some national writing conferences, go on a retreat every year, and not neglect your local writing friends.

So now I've offloaded my guilt. You're welcome to it. Here's hoping tomorrow brings more opportunities for real scribbling!

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