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Short Stories

Paris 1976, Up, Do Anthology, February 2014, Spider Road Press


Secrets, Bohemia, February 2014, Vol. 4, No. 2, (Waco, TX)


Mamie Mine, Apologues of Erotica, North2Southpress anthology, 2014


Memory Box, Contrapositions, AND (July 2015)


Company Wife, When Women Waken, Knowing Issue #5, summer 2014


Losing Face, Pen2Paper contest finalist,


Shishkosh, Newtown Literary Journal,


Werewolves, Beware! Growing Pains anthology by Horrified Press, June 2015,


Are You My Son? Zimbell Press, Dark Monsters anthology, January 2016.

Undercover Cat, Forge Literary Magazine,


"Memory Box"

"The day Lin Mee blew up her house, with husband Wei inside, she made sure their daughter, Ming, was at a sleepover. And that was the very day Ming, 15, decided to “go all the way” with her boyfriend, forever conflating her transgressive act of lying atop him in his small attic room, pumping away with all her might, with the death of her father, and presumably, her mother."

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