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The new movie Border will give Eraserhead--one of my favorite movies-- a run for its money. Watched in on HBO last night. Most of the audience will opt out immediately I suspect, as my husband did, at the first glimpse of the protagonist. Let's just say she's not a beauty queen. But she has special abilities, called into play in her TSA-like job, like her facility with sniffing out illegal substances and evil doings. Just as we're getting used to looking at her, we're introduced with a male character, almost a twin in appearance, and watch with baited breath to see which one of them will turn into a werewolf first. (Spoiler: neither)

No way to predict what will happen in this film. I was so impressed with the twists and turns of the plot. I must confess I have no idea what the title refers to--the movie deserves something much more descriptive and evocative.

So if you like satire, the paranormal, a bit of fantasy, catch this film before it disappears.

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