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Popcorn, anyone?

My husband and I are real movie buffs, as in we go to the movies with our chocolate stash or money for popcorn, watch the movie, then come home and watch another movie on t.v. No such thing as too much when it comes to movies. We love STORY - don't you?

So this weekend we went to see the new horror movie with Emily Blunt and John Kras....which he directed: A Quiet Place. This movie really gets you thinking about the sense of sound and wondering how you would live in a world where you could not make a peep. Acting is unimpeachable. John, Emily, the kids are all great and very believable. I did jump in my seat on several occasions and went home worrying about the characters and their future. Just one nit: they were in the pharmacy already. Couldn't they have grabbed some packages of trojans?!!!

Second film: Mother! which we saw On Demand in the comfort of our home. How did Aronofsky get these incredible stars - Javier Bardem, Jennifer Lawrence, still sexy Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, even Kristen Wiig - to act in this crap? AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Pretentious, Boring, Unscary. My husband angry that I wouldn't shut it off, but I always finish what I start. He was right again. A wasted few hours and the explanation I was waiting for, one that would make sense out of everything never materialized. I felt most sorry for Jennifer who probably wished herself back into Katniss's world.

A very different horror film - little gore but lots of scares.

What did you think? Write me!

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