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* Updates: I've decided to start a newsletter for our community which will be updated every Friday. Subscribe using the contact page so you don't miss a thing! If you're curious about the world of a writer or about books or about readings or the inner world of characters or. . .

* Up & About: Funny (?) photos from Our Week! Marea Needle, our Blue Ink Photographer, takes all the credit.

* Caring and Sharing Contest: Win a free book! Here's how this is going to work. Dream Job readers, you remember that Melie had a tough time competing with Ted's multicolored macaw, Gladys, the First Parrot-Woman Gladiator. If you can beat this story (and why couldn't you?), send it in via the Contact page! The best response will win a free ebook.

* What I learned this week: I've got a first draft of my 2nd novel on paper. I think I'm getting the knack of getting this far at least. Now revisions are the real test of sticktoitiveness. May the force be with me to combat procrastination and distraction!

*Is Anyone Famous Yet? Hello out there???

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