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Melie Kohl is the Human Resources (HR) Manager at Axis Mundi Medical Centre. The book follows Melie as she tries to fix the hilarious and devious behavioural problems of the staff while avoiding her own problems. She is lonely, worn out and hiding a big secret. The book presents an array of fascinating characters: the groping doctor, the terrorised secretary, and the rabid bulldog-like boss. Each character has an urgent problem and a desperate need of Melie’s skills that she finds suffocating. Her stress levels build until she is hiding under her desk at work and experiencing the supernatural on her subway commute. She meets Ted, a small town antique store owner, and their romance provides a quiet interlude in her life. Just when Mellie starts to get comfortable there’s a murder, a viscous love rival, and her big secret is about to be discovered! Melie herself has a mix of strengths and weaknesses that make her both likeable and relatable. She tries too hard and has a tendency to overthink things. Like a lot of people she is desperate to find someone to settle down with. These traits add complication to Melie’s life and to the book. Drawing on a career in HR, the author has created a rich setting full of “behind-the-scenes mayhem” inspired by her own experiences. All the characters, even the really minor ones, are well described by both their actions and Melie’s thoughts. The crises of the characters are complimentary side plots to Melie’s story, integrating neatly and highlighting key aspects of Melie’s thoughts and behaviours.

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