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"Just Get Off the Bus. . .Already!" Caesura, Issue #1,


"In My Heyday," Minerva Rising, Turning Points anthology, Issue #5, April 2014,


“Trees in a Hurricane,” Rainbow Journal, January 2015!about/c240r


“Two Aspirins and a Cat in the Morning,” Viral Cat Press, February 2010.


AND Pets Across America April 2011 (March 2013). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize







"Too Late in the Day to be a Cat?” (May 2010).


"The World is Cruel," Heyday Magazine, Vol. 2,


“Hungers,” Minerva Rising blog, October 2015,


"A Boy Leaves His Mother,", under Poetry 2, August 2015

"Interlude in Positano," Heyday Magazine, January  2017


"Interlude in Positano," Heyday Magazine, 2016


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