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Succumbing . . . .


They say I need a website.  They said you had to be in love before giving yourself to a man.  Well, that was the 50’s, mommy wisdom.  "Beware, even a nice man like your father . . ."

I digress.  I’ve been on a very pleasant ride these last few years, having published in a score of literary journals as well as NYT. And of course I'm ecstatic that my satirical novella, Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager, has actually seen the light of day whilst I still live and breathe. 


I've provided links to my published works and some commentary on life and some photos of my travels and even some links to my son’s artwork and my hand-knit baby sweaters. LOL. See the blog for reviews of books and movies.

Be seeing you soon and thanks for stopping by. Love to hear from you!



Bio: Baby Boomer, semi-decrepit/ex HR exec/writer (finally). Also knitter, cook, hiker, biker, music lover (yay Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Blues and Rock & Roll!) Open to Phase II. Ready to tell some stories!

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